Ich Glaube ich Höre Genesungswerk CD-Cover

Samplerbeitrag: "Ich glaube ich höre Genesungswerk" (2002)

Resonator sind auf diesem Sampler mit dem Track "Pond" vertreten.

"Most of the featured Artists here contributed calm and moody electronica (not necessarily using only electronic equipment), some of them a little more dub influenced i.e. [multer], krill.minima, Basalt or Konrad Bayer, others more soundtrack-ish; Kallabris, Teamforest, Syncliar, Resonator and N, the guitarist from multer with one of his guitars only pieces that are not really recognizable as such. All very suitable sounds for late night listening. (...)

Unconventionalism is the connection her between the diversity of styles,
'Weird noises, nice melodies, obscure data snippets...' for once an info sheet is accurate, it`s all in there. This is not an easy to describe Collection but a distinctive one as it shows the attitude and direction of this small label way better than a retro-perspective could have done."

(Slur for The Brain 2002)